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The Be SMART campaign was created to bring together all responsible adults to reduce suicides and the number of unintentional shootings that occur when children get a hold of an unsecured firearm.

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Be Smart Louisiana

Firearm injuries are the leading cause of death for kids under 18 in Louisiana.

Be SMART is a national campaign that promotes responsible gun ownership to protect kids and reduce child gun deaths. The Be SMART message encourages caregivers to be “SMART” by taking 5 Simple Steps to keep kids safe: 

SECURE all guns in your home and vehicle; 

MODEL responsible behavior around guns; 

ASK about unsecured guns in other homes; 

RECOGNIZE the role of guns in suicide; and 

TELL your friends and neighbors to Be SMART.

Be SMART Louisiana Resources

Use our Be SMART Louisiana materials made for your work in your community.

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Helping Families to Be SMART: Steps to Secure Storage

If you own firearms, you can protect your family by securely storing the guns you keep at home. Secure storage keeps firearms out of the wrong hands.

Modeling how to Be SMART: Conversation Starters with Children & Resources for Parents of Kids & Teens

As a parent, you know your child best, but they may not always share when they’re struggling. Start a conversation and let them know you’re there to help.

Encouraging Neighbors to Be SMART: Spread the Word

Keep your community safe by encouraging friends and neighbors to Be SMART. Spread the word that secure gun storage saves lives.