Secure Gun Storage Saves Lives

Firearms are now the leading cause of death among children in the United States. But these tragedies are preventableThe Be SMART campaign was launched in 2015 to promote responsible gun ownership in order to reduce the deaths, injuries and trauma that can result when a child or teen is able to access a gun. Since that time, Be SMART volunteers have encouraged community leaders to come together to emphasize the importance of gun safety and the everyday actions we all can take to keep guns out of the hands of kids.

Through the efforts of national organizations, community partners, and individual volunteers, the Be SMART message is proliferating across the country: in Ohio, where volunteers handed out hundreds of Be SMART palm cards and brochures at the Ohio School Board Conference;  in Texas, where the Chief of Police of the Cedar Hill Police a gun safety video; and in the Cheltenham, Pennsylvania School Board passed a school safety resolution that included messaging emphasizing the importance of secure gun storage.  Even football star Aaron Donald of the LA Rams has done his part to speak up about secure gun storage. These are just a handful of examples of how people are coming together to keep kids safer.

The conversation around the importance of gun safety has only just begun. With the help of community leaders, police departments, and the everyday American who wants to make our communities safer for young children and teens, Be SMART continues to broaden its reach and share its message encouraging responsible gun ownership and secure gun storage. Because when our children are safe, our community is safe.

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