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The Be SMART campaign was created to bring together all responsible adults to reduce suicides and the number of unintentional shootings that occur when children get ahold of an unsecured firearm. Sign up to learn more about how you can get involved in your community!

Be Smart: A conversation about kids, guns, and safety

Every year, nearly 300 children age 17 and under gain access to a gun and unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else, and nearly 500 more die by suicide with a gun. Many of these deaths are entirely preventable with responsible gun storage. We know we can keep our kids safer by introducing these five easy steps to parenting and everyday life:



Index: Nearly 300 unintentional shootings by children every year.

This interactive map tracks every publicly reported incident where a person age 17 or under unintentionally discharges a gun and kills or injures themselves or someone else with a gun.

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